Man, I think this dude's brain was extra crispy after trying to pull off a stupid robbery attempt. And the common thread would be chicken restaurants. A former Chick-fil-A employee has been busted for an armed robbery of a KFC. The South Carolina man is accused of taking $516 from KFC on June 23, five days after he was fired from Chick-fil-A. He pulls into the drive-thru and demands cash. Whoever was working the window understandably must have been very scared, because they didn't just hand him the cash, they took out the whole cash drawer, which was also recovered when he was arrested the next day. He's not only charged with armed robbery, but possession of a gun during a violent crime, failure to stop for police and possession of methamphetamine. He was fired from Chick-fil-A after to failing to show up for work two days in a row. Well, that Employee of the Month parking space is definitely open.

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