Remember that story last week about a woman who claimed that her granddaughter was asked to leave a KFC because the scars on her face were disturbing other customers? Well, it turns out that she made it up. It was a hoax.
Kelly Mullins of Mississippi claimed that she took her three-year-old granddaughter Victoria to KFC for something to eat on her way home from the hospital where she continues to be treated for facial injuries following an April dog attack. Mullins said an employee asked them to leave because Victoria's scars and bandages were disturbing the other customers. KFC offered an apology and donated $30,000 to help pay Victoria's medical bills. Mullins even raised $135,000 from anonymous donors who were so appalled by the story.

But now it turns out that the entire incident was a hoax to raise money. An investigation into the claim has turned up many inconsistencies. For instance, surveillance footage from that day was reviewed and Victoria was never even at that KFC. Meanwhile, employees at the restaurant have had to endure a lot of abuse since the story went viral. They've received death threats and had drinks thrown at them. But despite the inconsistent story, Victoria's family is holding firm saying it is not a hoax and the incident really did happen. Whatever the truth is, KFC says its $30,000 pledge to Victoria is still good and will go toward helping the little girl's recovery. (NY Daily News)

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