Well, I suppose if you want to shatter some already very short-lived dreams in the hearts of little kids, this is a way to do it.

Not necessarily noteworthy, but in the interest of full disclosure, AP points out that a substitute teacher pulled this stunt. It happened in Montville, New Jersey. A substitute teacher told her first-grade students that Santa Claus wasn't real and would not be coming back to schools in the Montville area. But why stop there? The teacher also let the little ones know that Easter Bunny, Elf on a Shelf and the Tooth Fairy were frauds, too. Yeah...first graders need to know that, huh?

We acknowledge that not everyone is happy and festive over the holidays, Teach'....but don't take your bad attitude out on a bunch of children. The school district's superintendent says the sub will no longer be allowed to teach in the district. To all Montana teachers, thank you for helping to let children that age stay innocent for as long as they can.




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