On April 7, 2022, a Missoula Police Department Officer was dispatched for a welfare check regarding possible human trafficking at the Holiday Inn. Staff members explained that a female recently checked into the hotel after being picked up at the airport by hotel staff. She identified herself as Olivia Tiffany from California, but had a reservation under the name Michael Seibert.

The officer checked with other hotels and found reservations under the same name for the same dates as the reservation at the Holiday Inn.

On April 8, 2022, hotel staff contacted the officer informing him that the female had just dyed her hair from blonde to brown. The female also attempted to purchase food items using a credit card belonging to a “Monique” that was declined. Staff advised the card number that was run off the chip was different than the card number displayed on the credit card provided.

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On April 9, 2022, hotel staff told the officer that the female requested housekeeping. The housekeeper went into the female’s room and observed suspected drugs on a tray. Shortly thereafter, the female packed her belongings and left the Holiday Inn. A staff member heard the female mention that she would be going to the Marriott.

The staff member contacted the officer and gave him permission to search the female’s room. The officer located a laptop cord, a partially consumed pizza with the order tag showing a name of Olivia Armou, a rolled-up piece of note pad paper, and a white crystalline substance on a tray, suspected to be methamphetamine.

The officer went to the Marriott to contact the female. Marriott staff informed the officer that an Olivia Tiffany recently checked in. They also advised the first card the female tried to run was declined and contained a different name. Police Public Information Officer Lydia Arnold picks up the story.

“Missoula Police officers were contacted to do a welfare check on a female who the caller had concerns for,” Arnold said. “Officers went to the incident and based on the preliminary investigation, they had reasons to make contact with the female. Officers located the female and noticed indicators of felony crimes. Officers applied for and were granted a search warrant. The female was taken into custody for criminal possession of dangerous drugs, which showed a presumptive positive for methamphetamine, and charged with additional misdemeanor crimes.”

When the officer contacted the female, she declined being the victim of any trafficking scheme and continued to identify herself as Olivia Armour Tiffany. Shortly thereafter, the officer informed the female of her Miranda rights and began questioning her about the contents of the room at the Holiday Inn. The female confirmed the drug found on the tray was methamphetamine and belonged to her.

Officer Diaz requested consent to search the female’s room at the Marriott, which she consented. When entering the room, the female handed over a bag out of her bedside table with more suspected methamphetamine. Court documents indicate the total weight of the substances found between the two rooms was eight grams.

During the search, the officer also located numerous debit/credit cards belonging to other individuals. The officer also located a stimulus check belonging to an individual not named Olivia Tiffany. The female said these cards all belonged to other family members and the check belonged to her boss and was given to her.

The officer also located a driver’s license for Olivia Tiffany. The photograph on the license did not match the female who identified herself as Tiffany.

The officer placed the female under arrest and transported her to the Missoula County Detention Facility. After being fingerprinted and booked, it was determined that the female who identified herself as Olivia Tiffany was Alyssa Roberts.

Roberts is currently being charged with felony criminal possession of dangerous drugs, deceptive practices, theft of identity, and obstructing a peace officer.

The information in this article was obtained from sources that are publicly viewable.

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