Well it's not everyday you go to a fly fishing film you get asked to do yoga. As a matter of fact it's never happened at a film I have been to. 

Well this weekend was Hank Patterson's Mystery of The Cuttyrainbrown film at The Wilma. First it was a really great show and the pre-party at the Grizzly Hackle was a ton of fun too.

Hank was kind enough to come on the radio show and has been promoting films in our area for the last few years. Before his show he always likes to have fun throws some stuff out, had some cool giveaways and of course gives you a few live laughs before the show.

This time he decided to play a little game and I of course raised my hand to play the game, then it was said it was yoga and although I am familiar with it I have never done anything but hot yoga and that was awhile ago.

I get onstage with a few others to play and of course I am super competitive and now that I think about it maybe I wasn't suppose to win but I held the yoga "tree" pose for the longest and would winning the contest, getting onstage and getting a t-shirt... it was an overall eventful evening.

Charene Herrera TSM