We made it through another spring break and the kids are officially back in school. Last year our family did a road trip during the break but we opted to stay home this year. We did have a visit from grandma for the week so my kids were pretty content with getting spoiled for a few days. When it comes to spring break and staying home, Missoula usually has a perfect spot for families that want to enjoy a staycation complete with indoor water slides. But the Wingate by Windham has recently been undergoing a facelift and has been closed. The good news is that it appears they'll be open again soon.

When will Missoula's Wingate reopen?

The hotel has been undergoing what the website refers to as a "floor-to-ceiling renovation" and from the looks of a recent Facebook post, it appears that the Wingate will be reopening in April. You can see a brief video below and continue reading for a few of the improvements that will be found once the hotel does reopen.

It sounds like the Wingate is going to feel like a whole new hotel with some of the upgrades they've done.

Here are just a few examples of what we'll see:

  • Upgraded fitness room.
  • Top-notch meeting space and boardroom for smaller gatherings.
  • Comfortable lobby well suited for those that want to get work done but not spend the day in their room.
  • Outdoor seating area with a fire pit.
  • Upgraded internet with improved wi-fi.

Even the water park got a little TLC

On Facebook, someone asked if the hotel would be leaving the pool as it is. The Wingate Missoula account replied, "We did a bunch of renovating in there this spring. More to come but we will still have our water slides, hot tub and kiddie pool!"

If you want to see all the upgrades for yourself, you can find out about booking a stay at the upgraded Wingate by Wingate in Missoula HERE.

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