Every year I am overwhelmed by the level of talent that we have here in Missoula. Right now I am referring to the quality of singers we have in our local high schools. Over this past weekend we wrapped up our First Night Spotlight auditions and the show this year is going to be incredible.

This year I would say there is a wider range of variety as far as music. In the auditions we hear everything from Foreigner to Hailstorm to a Ukulele being played. This is one show you will not want to miss.

To join us for First Night Spotlight you will need to purchase a First Night Button sold at a bunch of different locations around Missoula, including most grocery stores. But you will also need to purchase a ticket to First Night Spotlight specifically through the Arts Missoula office, you can call 406-541-0860. Hope to see you at the Dennison Theatre on New Years Eve for the show!


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