I know I am not alone wondering where and why my favorite shows new season is not showing new episodes. Why are they off for a month or sometimes more?

I found out that this is called a hiatus and is mainly done for soemthing TV calls "sweeps", which is their rating period ( how they get rated effects advertisers). So these major networks want their best episodes and shows running during the sweeps months and December is not one of them.

I thought maybe it was for vacation or the holiday but no plain and simple money and also a little math. They take about 22 episodes in a typical season on primetime and each episode is an average of 8 days to shoot so it works out ( beyond my pay grade) to equal less time to wait for the next season once that one ends. Screntv.com put it best "But as a general rule, if you turn on your television only to discover that there’s a rerun on, it’s because of two things: Math, and money."

I have three of my favorite shows on hold right now for the "hiatus".

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