Did you know the last time the Bengals were in the Super Bowl was all the way back in 1988?

And that was only two years after they released "Walk Like An Egyptian," the team was really on fire back then.

Boom. Perfectly executed Bengals/Bangles joke. That's how it's done. 

Yes, the Bengals are facing off against the LA Rams in this year's Super Bowl, which of course is this coming weekend. And heading into the game, the folks at Lids posted something interesting on their Twitter account - a full map that shows the bestselling jerseys in every single state in the US.

Check it out below

Now Montana is kind of a wild card, because we don't have a pro football team in the state (although if the company was measuring Griz merch, it might be a different story). So what did well in Montana?

Montana's Favorite Football Player Is... Kyle Pitts!

Kyle Pitts, tight end for the Atlanta Falcons, was the best-selling player jersey in Montana over the course of this past season. What's his Montana connection? We're not exactly sure!

As for best-selling team jerseys, I probably would have guessed a team from a nearby state like the Seahawks, but instead, Montana's favorite team turned out to be the Denver Broncos.

Clearly, Montana and Homer Simpson are on two different wavelengths with this one.

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