It seems somebody didn't quite agree with the 'no parking' messages that were placed near the Clark Fork River. 23 signs towards Bonner had to be replaced after someone completely covered them in spray paint. The painting bandit struck the signs just months after they were installed to prevent parking in popular spots where floaters would access the river.

An article in The Missoulian has the sheriff's office citing safety concerns and the need for emergency vehicle access as the reasons the signs were originally posted.  In a twist of irony, perhaps the mystery painter did more harm to their own cause than good. With the replaced signs becoming a bit of a story it only makes more people aware of the parking restrictions that are now being enforced. The spray can culprit may have only shined a brighter spotlight on the issue they hoped to silence.


The Missoula County Sheriff’s Office is looking for those responsible for defacing the signs. If you have any information you're asked to call Five Valleys Crime Stoppers at 406-721-4444 or call the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office at 406-258-4810.

As for those pesky parking tickets you might receive around town? Make sure to keep your receipt. Last summer I was downtown and paid the meter. When I returned minutes later a meter enforcer was putting a piece of paper under my windshield wipers. They said I had parked without paying. I showed them the receipt and they recognized the wrongdoing on their part. ALWAYS KEEP THAT RECEIPT!


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