I was looking out the window last weekend and saw my neighbor's garbage can lid blow open. Do you know what doesn't really mix well with wind? Styrofoam pieces. They must have just thrown away the packaging from a new purchase because Styrofoam blew all over the street. **Here's a fun side note I just learned: Styrofoam is a capitalized word because it's the name of a brand. I guess I never really thought about it and always assumed that was the actual name for it. But we have ourselves a real Kleenex situation here.....like where it's really tissue but everybody just refers to it by the brand name of Kleenex. So remember boys and girls, even though you probably call it Styrofoam - polystyrene is the technical name.**

Anyway, back to the neighbors and their garbage. I couldn't help but think about the contents of their can littering the neighborhood when I saw this NBC Montana story. It was about the garbage you see along I-90 as you're driving past Missoula. A lot of people assume the contents littering the sides of the road are from the landfill next to the interstate. But apparently not, it's just us lazy humans that can't seem to put our garbage where it belongs.

“Most of that garbage that you see on I-90 is actually from the general public blowing out of vehicles.” - Republic Services municipal manager Chad Bauer

If the garbage isn't coming from the landfill, who's responsible for cleaning it up? It seems that task belongs to the Department of Transportation. The article says the DOT has crews pick up litter when they can and also said they would look into the issue.

But I know a way we don't have to rely on the DOT to keep the interstate clean.....let's all try not to be slobs and spread litter all over the place. Deal?

This is exactly the kind of stuff that Michael Jackson was always talking about when he would preach to us about ruining the earth with our careless ways. In the words of MJ....."If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, then make that change."

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