Well yesterday was fun and we got so many calls. Marcus Schiele and his family acquired the cutest Blue-tick hound puppy and they decided to ask the KYSS nation for help in naming him. How cool is that?

We got names like: Chester (short for Winchester), Gunner, Bullet, Garth, Hank, Remy, Monty (one I thought was cute as this little guy is going to be a cat hunting dog and we all know Monty doesn't like the cats). Marcus had said he was liking Cephus (like BoCephus). Is that the name he chose? Mudflap, Huck, Blue, Barret, Aldean, and Shelton were recommended too. Dozer was cute. Also Ringo and Rio. 

Look at all these comments and so many cute names! How did they decide?

Well, KYSS Nation, meet little......

Photo courtesy of Marcus Schiele
Photo courtesy of Marcus Schiele

BOONE! According to the family, the oldest boy Tristan was the final decider.

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