What has been the best vacation you have ever experienced? I'm not talking about those three day weekends in Las Vegas when you end up more tired than before you left. I mean a trip where you actually felt refreshed when returning to work. A trip where you actually got to disconnect from work and all the other daily stresses. My morning show partner Charene is going on a 4,000 mile journey to Texas to see family and vacation. And although she will be checking in to let us know how the trip is going she is going to distance herself so she can just relax.

Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins

My favorite vacation ever has to be when my honeymoon to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for six days. First off, I have to recommend the all-inclusive resorts. It's nice not having to pay as you go, just one less worry. Plus the peacefulness and tranquility made it without a doubt the best trip I have ever been on. Although we are planning another trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico later this year so hopefully I will have a new favorite vacation soon.

What has been your best vacation ever?