On the road again... I can't wait to get on the road again. Err, I can't wait to sit at home and let a semi-truck drive itself through the mountains of Montana... on the road again.

That's how that Willie song goes, right? It's all about self-driving semi trucks or something like that.

Regardless, CBS News is reporting Texas is beginning to test self-driving semi trucks. The tests will be held in the Dallas area, so if you're reading this in Montana don't worry you will be safe... for now.

It's one thing to drive a truck with no operator through North Texas. I'm fairly sure it's flat in North Texas and one would think it's relatively easier to drive through the plains than the mountains of Montana. This led me to think about how would this experiment go in The Last Best Place. Some concerns come to mind.

I'm 99% sure there would be a negative response from the public to it based on how people reacted to automated CARS in Missoula.

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The biggest concern to arise is autonomous semis driving through the mountains sounds really, really dangerous. It's dangerous enough for humans to drive over Lookout or Bozeman Pass. What happens when a semi needs to pull over and attach chains to the tires? Can a self-driving semi feature a chains mode? Or if the brakes go out can a self-driven semi veer off the interstate into a runaway ramp?

On the positive side, maybe we avoid all semi-related crimes altogether.

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Let us know your thoughts... I'm fairly confident I know your response but send a message in our mobile app just in case to let us know.

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