What happened? We blinked and it's officially spring! We're all hoping that the 2021 version of spring will be WAY better than 2020 turned out to be. The excitement that comes with the new season was short-lived last year as the world got turned upside down with COVID-19. But there's a feeling of promise this year and it feels like events are already starting to have more of a presence than we've seen in a while.

A great part about living in Missoula is the amount of community activities that happen around town every year. And the good news is we're already seeing plans for things that would have been canceled throughout most of last year.

Caras Park was pretty quiet last year when you consider all the events that usually happen there in a normal year. But it'll once again be a destination this weekend as the Brews n' Bonfires event happens on Saturday (3/27.) Fire pit reservations have already sold out but you can still head to the park to get growlers filled or purchase food at any time during the event.

We also had the announcement this week that the Clark Fork River Farmers Market will open for the season on May 1 - but with a slightly different location.

I know people have been looking for information about some of the fun things that usually happen in downtown Missoula. Right now, the Missoula Downtown Partnership has the following outline for upcoming events:

HAPPENING: Out to Lunch | Downtown Tonight | Unseen Missoula Tours | Parade of Lights | Festival of Trees

NOT HAPPENING: Winter BrewFest

MAYBE: River City Roots Festival | Garden City BrewFest

***We'll get more details about what restrictions will be in place with individual events as they get closer.***

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