When you hear there's another local event that has to be altered I bet I know right where your mind goes. I think that's normal by now. But get this - it actually has nothing to do with the pandemic this time! I know, crazy right? We're just so used to everything being forced to postpone, move, or cancel, that we now automatically assume it's all because of COVID.

In a weird way it's actually kind of refreshing to have road construction be the cause of a change in location for the Clark Fork River Market. Hey, anything that COVID isn't messing with is one step closer to getting life back to normal! But because of construction on the Higgins Avenue Bridge the market will have a temporary location for the upcoming season.

Beginning May 1, you'll find the Clark Fork River Market in the parking lot next to a Carousel for Missoula and Dragon Hollow. And I guess we can't totally escape the effects of COVID-19.....the market will work with the Missoula City-County Health Department to incorporate safety protocols aimed at keeping customers and vendors safe from the spread of the virus.

We're still seeing events and activities around town struggle or be canceled so it's welcome news that the Clark Fork River Market will operate into the fall with its selection of fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, jams, flowers, and assortment of other goods.


The market will run rain or shine through the end of October - on Saturdays from 8 AM until 1 PM. Want to be a vendor? Call (406) 880-9648 or visit www.clarkforkmarket.com to apply.

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