Full disclosure first: NO NO NO, he is not planning a Missoula dive bar engagement! At least not that we know of.

But Garth Brooks is doing 7 small venues alongside his major concert tour, and we thought it might be fun to put YOU in charge.

As a companion tour and to promote his new duet with Blake Shelton, "Dive Bar", Garth announced that he will be doing his Dive Bar tour at 7 locations across the country, starting in Chicago this Monday, July 15, at Joe's on Weed Street (has a nice "Dive" sound to it). The other six locations have yet to be formally announced, but we will know soon.

So...you are the emperor or empress of all things concert in Missoula, Montana, and you are tasked with choosing the perfect Missoula or nearby dive bar for a Garth Brooks show. Venues that don't normally house live bands are acceptable, too.

Where do you want to put him? Have fun and...GO!

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