It seems like right now everyone is talking about New Year's Resolutions, if they haven't already broken them. Instead of focusing on what I need to accomplish, I love thinking about the fun things that are coming up soon.

For me personally I love to travel and my wife and I have two trips coming up in 2017! The first will be in just a month from now when we spend a month in Mexico just relaxing and recharging our batteries. It's difficult to find any time throughout the year to take a week off of work, but what we have realized is you just have to do it. The work will always be waiting for us when we return.

The second trip I am looking forward to this year will be when we travel to see my mom down in Arkansas. Neither my wife nor I have ever been to Arkansas so this will be a new experience for us, but really, that is what life is all about. Plus it's always good to see family!



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