It's almost that time of year to get outside and get in all the hikes you can before that long Montana winter comes because that cold comes sooner than you think.

MSN Lifestyle came out with list of the One Must Hike Trail in Every State and I was highly interested because Montana is filled with hiking trails that are absolutely fantastic. From right here in Bozeman to Yellowstone National Park to Glacier National Park, there are so many to choose from so I had to know.

According to MSN Lifestyle, the one must hike trail in Montana is in the Kootenai National Forest and it's called the South Fork Ross Creek Trail. The trail is a good stretch at over seven miles long and is picturesque due to the mountains and the large wooded areas you will be walking through.

Jon Flobrant/Upsplash
Jon Flobrant/Upsplash

I asked my brother about this trail because he loves hiking and spent years living near that area and he said it's one of the best trails he has ever hiked in Montana because it's not very well traveled and you can really take in the landscape.

That sounds pretty darn special and a lovely weekend hike because you will have to travel all the way to Libby, Montana to enjoy it but sometimes that is absolutely worth the trip. If you are planning some Montana trips this summer and want to get some great hikes in you might want to add this to your list.

For more details, check out MSN Lifestyle.

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