The moment the narrator hits - this brings back memories of the movies we used to have to sit through in school. You'll know exactly what I'm talking about as soon as you push play. You don't even have to be watching the video portion to know it's just have to hear the announcer start to speak and it'll transport you back in your mind.

I was poking around on YouTube and found this old educational film about Montana. It's from 1947 and appears to be part of a series called "This Land of Ours." I would guess they produced one for every state. But this one is dedicated solely to Montana and runs just over nine minutes. Most of it is focused on Butte, Helena, Missoula, and Glacier National Park. But there's also mentions of Billings and Anaconda's record breaking smoke stack. It's also fun to see Butte referred to as Montana's largest city at the time as it's now #5.

Old farm machinery, the importance of wheat, sheep & cattle, Blackfeet Nation, dude ranches, the National Bison Range, mining's actually pretty cool what you'll see in the less than 10-minute video. Fun fact I learned - did you know the odds of an albino buffalo being born were 1-in-7 million births at the time? I looked it up and it appears the odds have decreased even more - now estimated to be 1 out of every 10 million. I see why we had to watch videos like this in school.....they are really packed full of information.


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