It’s going to be pretty darn cold the rest of this week. So far we’ve heard a lot about wind chill and right now it’s something we need to pay attention to when we go outside. The guys at Weatherbug have come up with good description of wind chill and why it’s dangerous when it gets this cold.

Our body gives off a layer of heat that protects the skin from cold temperatures. A strong wind can blow this layer away from our skin, taking away our natural defense to the cold. Thus, the wind chill temperature is the temperature that our bodies will feel when our skin is exposed to the cold temperatures and the winds of winter.

Wind chill is a great predictor of such dangers as frostbite and hypothermia. Being exposed to below zero wind chills can induce frostbite within five minutes. While wind chills below minus 20 degrees can result in frostbite within a minute of exposure.


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