Yeah, it's been pretty cold in Montana this week. Some highs approaching the single digits, some lows are coming into the negative numbers. But be grateful you weren't here in 1954 (unless you were, in which case, I salute you). That's the year Montana hit a brisk -70 degrees. No, I'm not making that up, and my finger didn't slip and accidentally type a zero. Negative Seventy. That's not only the coldest Montana has ever been, it's the coldest temperature ever recorded in the lower 48 states. So yeah, pretty cold.

Here's the top ten coldest days in Montana history:

1. Jan. 20th, 1954 in Rogers Pass: -70 F

2. Feb. 9th, 1933 in West Yellowstone: -66 F

3. Feb. 12th, 1905 in Hebgen Dam: -60 F

4. Jan. 12th, 1963 in West Yellowstone: -60 F

5. Feb. 15th, 1936 in Glasgow: -59 F

6. Jan. 20th, 1954 in Thoeny: -59 F

7. Dec. 19th, 1924 in West Yellowstone: -59 F

8. Feb. 14th, 1936 in Jordan: -58 F

9. Feb. 16th, 1936 in Medicine Lake: -58 F

10. Feb. 15th, 1936 in Cascade: -57 F

You can see the full list of the coldest days in the US right here.

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