The Roxy Theater has been getting back in the swing of things this summer, and it's been so great to see them pack more and more movies and events onto the schedule every week since they officially reopened. Right now, they're filling out the calendar for August with tons of classic films... but they also made some room for the return of one of their beloved annual events.

That's right - it's the return of CatVideoFest! And if you're not familiar... it's pretty much exactly what it sounds like. If you stop by The Roxy on Wednesday, August 18th, you can attend a screening that will consist of 80 straight minutes featuring nothing but cat videos. Some are submitted by cat owners, others are sourced from the internet, and the proceeds go to benefit the Humane Society of Western Montana. The Humane Society will also be in the lobby with adorable (and adoptable) cats that you can meet.

There are three showtimes listed for CatVideoFest, at 3:00, 5:00, and 7:00. All the info you need is available at The Roxy Theater's website, which you can check out right here.

Of course, CatVideoFest is just one of the exciting things they've got going on in August. Personally, I'm pretty stoked for Destroy All Monsters in The Roxy Garden and The Adventures of Robin Hood presented in 35mm. Think you'll be checking out CatVideoFest or any of these other screenings and events over at The Roxy?

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