It is that time of year! Salmon Fly season and Rock Creek is a great location for this fun fishing. These bugs get big and the fish love them. While floating we had some bugs hang out for the ride and we noticed them hatching while we were getting the boat out.

The water was wild last week on Rock Creek but the water level is going down and the fishing is going to start heating up. My friends at Rock Creek Mercantile have daily updates and info and sent me some photos recently of the Salmon Flies.

It was so cool though to see this! We were on the water and then when we got off we noticed them hatching under the seam of the boat, the nymphs were there, adults and the exoskeletons. It was cool to see their wings unfolding and as you can see in the video just drying out and not even laid back yet.


    Rock Creek June 2nd 2017

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