I was asked which old TV shows I would include in a "binge-watching" session - lots of snacks and hours of gazing at the screen. There are the usual marathons on the satellite and net channels like Netflix. But, they don't include some of my favorites. Here are three. A caution - I have a DVD library. Therefore, whenever I want to see 'em, I've got 'em. These collections are available from large retail businesses and at on-line sites.

First on my list is the short-lived "Firefly." It was promoted as a "western in space," but to the dedicated fans who still up at comic-cons, it was much more. The scripts were terrific and the actors provided us a "family" of characters that you liked more and more with every episode. After one season, (a very bad network decision), a movie was produced. "Serenity" was sad send-off for some of the cast, but you should include it in your Binge.

Second is my favorite British series - "The Avengers." I know what you're thinking - superheroes from the comic books. No, no, no. Steed and Emma Peel were members of secret investigative agency and in the 1960s and 70s, they solved all sorts of odd mysteries and murders with wonderful British sense of humor. Dangerous, but loaded with fun. It truly is a "one of a kind" series.

Coming in at a strong third place is "Northern Exposure." Filmed just to the west of us in a little town in Washington State, this definitely quirky series included fully developed characters and some "coloring outside the lines" scripts that always brought about some satisfying conclusions. I actually visited the set while it was still in production. Breaking news - a reboot of the series is being discussed.

I have more suggestions. Check back. And good luck in finding these great shows.

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