Did you check out the two days of festivities in Whitefish over the weekend?  The Under the Big Sky Festival was full of music, food, beverage and more!  If you went - visit our Facebook page to share some pictures and tell us what you liked or what you would change about the event.  Just add to the post below!

Some quick thoughts from the festival.

1)  I didn't expect that many people!
2)  It might have been the most port-o-potties I've ever seen in one place
3)  Pretty cool setup - including a rodeo
4)  It was HOT!
5)  I will never get my fill of Dwight Yoakam in concert

Here's my favorite picture I took:

Photo: Ryan Nelson
Photo: Ryan Nelson

And here's a video my friend put together of our day at the show.  (Shameless plug = need family pics or graduation pics - visit her photography page HERE.)


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