Well the journey has started. This should be the first step of the last step of me improving my overall oral health and care. I got my Invisalign on yesterday with Granite Peak Orthodontics.

So I have been missing a tooth since I was a kid which has caused my whole smile to be off, which in turn means you over compensate your whole body and stance. I also have TMJ that is worsening by the day. All of this is to help really my overall health.

I was nervous but thanks to the comments from the KYSS nation I was at ease yesterday. It was a little painful and I can not get the rubber bands down yet. Also they are harder to pull off the teeth and I pulled accidentally on one of the rubber band hinges and it bent. Lesson learned!

I also was able to spin the wheel of fun! Go say hit to the crew at GPO on Higgins in Missoula.

The nice words I have to say aren't payment enough for the journey they've gifted me with Invisalign.

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