When it was announced that gyms, museums, and movie theaters in Montana could all reopen on May 15th with social distancing guidelines, my first thought was, "That's great, but how many actually will decide to reopen?" Even beyond the safety concerns, for a lot of businesses, having to cater to half capacity isn't going to be worth reopening the doors.

But since I love going to the movies, I've been wondering what the movie theaters in town would decide to do - I figured the AMC theaters would stay closed, since they're a national chain and there's no new movies to show anyway. But The Roxy Theater, which is locally-owned and always has a full programming slate of older films along with new releases, could have been a different story.

Unfortunately for the moviegoer, it looks like you may be waiting a little while longer. In an interview with KPAX, the Roxy's executive director Mike Steinberg revealed that the theater had no plans to re-open just yet. They're looking at mid-June as a possible reopening point, but they're very much taking a wait-and-see approach, as Steinberg feels that "It's a little too soon."

The good news is, The Roxy has been trying to innovate with virtual watch parties and Roxy and Chill, plus they're working on an outdoor screening space for the summer, which they also say should be ready by mid-June. If you'd like to make a donation and help them out, you can always visit their website and keep up to date on everything going on with the theater.

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