Miss going to the movie theater and seeing movies on the big screen? Me too - before quarantine, I'd be at the theater at least once a week, and usually more. And while theaters have been allowed to reopen in Montana for a few weeks now, none in Missoula have done so yet. The two AMC locations are part of a national chain and likely won't reopen until there's new movies being released again, but The Roxy Theater opted to stay closed for a while longer because they don't feel comfortable reopening just yet.

And while they're still working on an outdoor screening space for the summer, it looks like The Roxy WILL open its indoor screens once again this week... but not to the public. Instead, they're offering up private Roxy Movie Parties, where you and a certain number of friends can rent out a theater and have it all to yourself to screen any movie you want out of the Roxy's library.

The Movie Party is being sold in three tiers on the Roxy's website - for 1 to 12 guests, the cost is $200; for 13 to 20 guests, it's $250; and for 21 to 20 guests, it's $300. That sounds like a lot, but do the math real quick - if you can get 11 friends to go and pay their own way, that's only $16 per person!

Reservations for the movie party need to be made 48 hours in advance so the Roxy's staff can prepare, and the first scheduled screenings are on Thursday. Is this something you'd be interested in?

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