Man, I have missed The Roxy Theater this summer. They shut down back in March and haven't reopened yet, but they've given people a ton of alternatives to make up for it, like Centerfield Cinema at Ogren Park and The Roxy Garden behind the theater, plus virtual film festivals and allowing people to rent the theater out for private screenings and gatherings.

But I can't wait until I'm able to get back to just walking in, buying a ticket, and seeing a movie... and when I get there, I'll probably get some of that delicious triple-organic popcorn, too. If you're like me and you've been missing out on that experience over these long months, The Roxy has got a solution for you.

This Friday and Saturday, October 30th and 31st, The Roxy Theater will be holding a Popcorn Pickup - basically, if you've been craving that Roxy popcorn, you can stop by the theater and grab some to-go! And then, you can bring it home and have your own movie night while pretending that you're watching a movie at the Roxy! The Roxy will even recommend some movies to you with a handy card if you're one of the first 30 people to stop by.

Plus, member benefits apply, so if you're a member, you may be able to score yourself some free popcorn if you haven't used it all up at the Roxy Garden. But, consider buying some candy or something and/or making a donation while you're there - with the winter coming and Centerfield Cinema and The Roxy Garden coming to an end for the season, the theater will need your support more than ever. You can check out their website and make a donation right here.

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