I was checking The Roxy Theater's calendar on their website today, as I do most days, to see if October has been updated to show what movies they'll be screening for Centerfield Cinema or at the Roxy Garden that month. And while they haven't added those movies yet, I did notice something peculiar - a ton of movies scheduled for the second weekend of October.

And then I thought to myself, "Hey, that's around the time the Montana Film Festival happens every year." That's one of my favorite annual events over at the Roxy, as industry professionals and independent filmmakers bring their works to town, often months before they get any kind of distribution. In the pre-COVID times, I especially remember a special screening of Mandy with Nicolas Cage, which was completely packed with a super-into-it crowd, and I think at one point somebody started tossing around a beach ball.

Unfortunately, packed crowds aren't exactly the priority these days, so this year's Montana Film Festival will be taking place online instead. While I'll miss the experience of seeing these movies in the theater, I'm just glad they're able to keep the event going, and I hope they can get back to doing it normally next year.

If you want to buy a pass, you can check out the Montana Film Festival website, and you can watch the trailer below. Will you be tuning in for this?

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