People Magazine recently released the best and worst side dish list by by Alex Heigl. According to them the number one dish on Thanksgiving is Green Bean Casserole. What is the least favorite? What side dish are people not really taking anything of?

I actually like this side dish! Oddly I don't really like the number one answer. This side dish is not commonly apart of Thanksgivings but it is more common now days then 10 years ago. Chances are you hated them as a kid.

Here is what they said about the Brussels sprouts :
"Brussels sprouts have of late been undergoing a tide of critical reappraisal lately, which is frankly all wrong. They take forever, they smell, and they uncomfortably evoke long-repressed childhood memories involving uneaten portions of dinner. I pay good money for a therapist to dredge up my childhood and try to figure out why I have bad credit; I don’t need my Thanksgiving sides to do that, thank you very much. Go ahead, throw bacon on there to try and trick me, sorcerer. I’m immune to your deceitful ways." 

I like brussels sprouts more and more, with some brown sugar and baked! Plus in the bigger cities you find them all the time on bar menus now instead of fried food, which I appreciate.


    Turkey Bowling

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