Did you know that close to 66% of people have re-gifted something.

Not necessarily this year, but sometime in their life most people have re-gifted something. That shouldn't be too shocking, we have all received a gift that we wouldn't use or just don't like that much. Other findings:

- 60% of people say re-gifting is acceptable

- 78% of people are most likely to regift in December

- 22% of people have received an 'inappropriate' item that someone re-gifted to them

- 30% of people have confronted a regifter

- 20% of people plan on re-gifting as many as six presents

Now, when it comes to re-gifting these are the items that get re-gifted most.


1. Candles

2. Books

3. Clothing

4. Houseware

5. Soap

6. Movies

7. Picture frames

8. Jewelry

9. Perfume/cologne

10. Gift baskets

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