What's your favorite Christmas song when the holidays roll around? I feel like everybody has that one song they love and they can listen to it over and over without getting burned out on it. Even when other Christmas songs get on your nerves and you're ready to be done with everything that relates to the holidays.....you can hear your favorite song and it'll bring a smile to your face. Mine would be Dwight Yoakam's version of "Santa Claus is Back in Town." I could listen to it on a 90-degree day in June and totally sing along without thinking twice about it.

And a Jimmy stuck in a tree!

If you're a fan of the show Yellowstone, here's a song that might jump to the top of your Christmas music list. Have you seen the 12 Days of Yellowstone Christmas? It's exactly what it sounds like, the classic 12 Days of Christmas with every item in the song being replaced by Yellowstone references. Just a couple of the items that John Dutton sends to you over the 12 days are 11 cowboys punching, 10 Monicas crying, 6 brands a-burning, and Jimmy stuck in a tree. Even though you can skip to the end and just see everything once, there's something satisfying about watching the whole video. You may have heard the song or seen the video before, it's been out since 2018. I would think that means we're about due for an updated version of the song, right? Somebody get an online petition going!

That's not the only Yellowstone entertainment for Christmas

Somebody just told me the other day about the 12 Days of Yellowstone Christmas and in my search to find it online I also stumbled upon this beauty on YouTube. If you're one of those people that need a little background noise while you're celebrating the holidays Yellowstone has you covered there as well. Just put this video on and enjoy three hours of Yellowstone characters in rotation as you take in the sounds of the season along with the Yule log burning in the background.

When will we learn about filming for season five?

The Yellowstone Montana Extra page on Facebook is the place for all you need to know when it comes to extras being needed for filming Yellowstone. With season 4 being filmed entirely in Montana there were always posts about extras being needed for upcoming scenes. The page has been mostly quiet since filming ended. But as the show continues to move through the airing of episodes with the current season we should learn soon if filming for season 5 will be based in Montana or not. But if nothing else right now, you have a new favorite holiday song and fireplace scene to keep you entertained through the holidays.

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