I cant say all year that I look forward to Christmas like some do. I know some people who seem to live for the Holidays, especially Christmas. Well I like my warm toasty, paddleboard in the sunshine summers. As much as I apricate and love the beauty and change of fall and the memories and joys of the holidays, I overall do prefer summer. That being said there are some traditions that I look forward to year after year, one of those is Elf on the Shelf. I am just as excited for my 7 year old boy Titus as I am for myself for when these come out.

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Netflix Is Developing "Elf on the Shelf" Movies, TV Shows, and Animated Content. Of course, not matter who makes it if they do the movies and shows even relatively good they are bound to be a big hit because everyone already knows and loves the main characters. Elf's on the Shelf. Brilliant Netflix, Brilliant. They bought the rights and are working closely with the authors. To be honest I am a little surprised no one grabbed this up sooner.

We can expect Elf on the Shelf movies and TV shows in our future, well at least if you have kids. Both the shows and movies will be live-action and animation. The only downer is that the whole project is still in the very early stages, so don't expect anything to be out in time for this holiday season. Next year though, it's on!


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