It seems there are a lot of different drinks in Denver. This weekend I decided to check out a few different ones. I tried some... and didn't try others.

Denver is known for some good food and drink. I was impressed with so many places. Had some good sparkling wine and sake at Sushi Hapa which also plays old school hip hop with a live DJ who looks a bit like Mr. Miyagi. A Spicy delicacy at Sassafras and some excellent coffee.

The one I just couldn't try though was the one with the scorpions. It was the retro room and they seemed to have a few hot drinks and one with real scorpions!They are small micro scorpions though I guess. I didn't even go inside... that one wasn't for me. Scorpion shots anyone?

They had some great drinks. Check out some of the cool ones to grab on a trip if you go or know somebody who goes to Denver. I love the hot ones, seems to be a trend right now.


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