Don't worry, you haven't misunderstood a couple lyrics to The Twelve Days of Christmas all these years.

And while we have no swans a swimming or geese a laying for you, AP did share a couple of critter notes with us that we are re-gifting to you.

The first comes from North Carolina, where an owl was successfully dislodged from the front grille of a car after a three-hour ride. A family was making their way to the Carolina coast for a weekend outing when they heard something hit their car. Upon arrival they found the owl trapped behind the grille. Wildlife rehabilitation authorities were able to get it free with only some bruises and no broken bones.

On the other side of the country, police apprehended a man in a Southern California grocery store who had stuffed 30 bags of frozen shrimp down his pants. Now, this was done in shifts, which aroused suspicion. Security video showed the culprit going to and from his vehicle to the frozen foods section three times.

The shrimp retailed for about $500. They have been drastically reduced for quick sale.




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