They have been the butt of Christmas food jokes forever. But here is one that maybe deserves a little respect for its longevity.

AP tells us that a family in Michigan has a fruitcake that has become a traditional family heirloom. You know when something was baked by a woman named Fidelia, that it's probably been around awhile. And that it has, since 1878!

The cake was originally preserved to honor Fidelia Ford. She baked the cake but passed away before it was served. Family members at the time thought they should save the cake to honor Fidelia's memory. And of course they also had the perfect excuse not to have to eat fruitcake.

Now 141 years later, great-great-great-great grandchildren continue to respect Fidelia's memory, as it gets passed down to the next generation. The fruitcake is kept in a glass case showing the date of its creation. Here's hoping an extremely quirky, eccentric relative who came to visit doesn't go looking for a midnight snack.

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