Every year I somehow wait and wait until the last minute to get everything and anything I need for Thanksgiving. Don't be like me be prepared, and it is not very far off so time is ticking away.

As you have already seen, stores have had baking and turkey day fixings out for a while. There are a lot of deals coming up though at stores for groceries too. I tend to always wait until the last minute to get everything. I have even done that with my turkey and it has been a stressful one. Buying the bird as early as you can is best. Thawing it is important too in advance. Or if you are doing another type of main course make sure you have ordered or purchased it in advance.

Starting buying stuff now though and slowly checking things that won't expire off your list. Some items they say do go on sale if you want to buy in bulk around the holidays are sugar,frozen vegetables, crackers and bacon to name a few. More can be found here.

No matter if I go somewhere for the holiday I always cook my own small bird, I love turkey noodle soup and leftovers!

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