My Wife and Carrie Underwood Have the Same Addiction
I will never understand why women need so many of these, in most cases they just sit there and aren't used. Yes, I am talking about the addiction that most ladies have, and that is buying shoes. In a recent interview with Refinery29 Carrie Underwood said she owns 250 pairs of high heels...
Montana Ranked 16th For Women's Equality
The power and influence of women in America has grown exponentially over the years ever since the introduction of the 19th Amendment. But even still, many women are not treated fairly, let alone equal to their male counterparts.
Which state in America is considered best for women's equality? Hin…
Beauty or Brains?
It’s a question that has been asked forever: Would you rather be really beautiful or really smart? A question that seems vain but in reality isn't.

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