What happened to 'Movember'? It feels as if it is not getting the attention this year that it so rightfully deserves. Could it be that men growing their beards out is more common year-round than ever before?

Still, if you are letting that hair grow this month for whatever reason it was that we were supposed to for in the first place, you might want to pay attention to this. We have the results from Match.com on what your look should be if you want to get some attention from the ladies.

1. Nearly two-thirds of women say that they certain types of facial hair is sexy. We can safely assume that beards top their list due to the fact that only a quarter of them mentioned that they would hook up with a man with a mustache.

2. The best facial hair according to the girls? Just some stubble!

3. Normal mustaches are fine, as long as they are normal and not wildly out of control. Second place went to the goatee.

4. Alongside number three on the list, the WORST types of of facial hair is the handlebar mustache. That, plus the long straggly rock star wizard beard. Apparently only 4% of women find that attractive.


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