I will never understand why women need so many of these, in most cases they just sit there and aren't used. Yes, I am talking about the addiction that most ladies have, and that is buying shoes. In a recent interview with Refinery29 Carrie Underwood said she owns 250 pairs of high heels. "There's even ones that are hidden. I'll like open something and be like, 'I forgot about these shoes!' I'm embarrassed now. I feel like I have a problem.'

As a guy, I have 4 pairs of shoes. One pair for work, one pair for dressing up, one pair of clean sneakers, and one pair for working around the house. I have no idea why in the world anyone would need 250 pairs of high heels, but I also have a room dedicated to my favorite sports team so who am I to judge.

I will also admit my wife did have this same addiction until our dog Gypsy was adopted and quickly decided Savannah's shoes were also great dog toys. Luckily for Gypsy, Savannah chose to not care about the shoes and she was not in too much trouble as she learned that shoes weren't toys.


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