Bear Loves Playground Sports
Everyone loves bears. From Yogi and Balloo, to Paddington and Fozzy, and the Carebears and Winnie the Pooh, we humans have a craving for bears that we can’t seem to satisfy. I’m not sure if it’s their fuzzy wuzzy hair, their cute round ears or their nu…
BooBoo Doing Much Better
Remember that injured bear cub they found this past summer after a forest fire in Idaho? He’s been rehabilitating in the Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary near McCall.
Bear Enters Mall, Goes Shopping At Sears
When a bear can’t find what it needs in the woods it generally raids the trash cans of neighboring humans. But in Pittsburgh, a bear cub devised a far more ambitious plan to stock up on supplies- – she took off to the nearest mall and entered the facility through the Sears.