Missoula might be called the home of the Griz, but until recently, there have been no verifiable grizzly bear sightings in the valley.

That all changed when Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks recovered a grizzly bear radio collar that had been dropped in a remote area. The collar indicated that the grizzly bear entered the Missoula Valley back in 2011where it took a quick tour of the upper Rattlesnake.

Bear management specialist Jamie Jonkle says that the bears appearance in the valley is the first provable appearance of a grizzly since the 50's.

Jamie Jonkle:

Jonkle also says more grizzlies will be on their way in the future as the grizzly bear population booms and more bears go in search of new habitat. The Rattlesnake valley is prime habitat for bears and has been a common foraging area for black bears for quite sometime.

This news means it is more important than ever that those who live near the urban rural interface begin to bear-proof their yards and especially their trash cans.