Ah yes.....the first day of school! You're wearing your fancy new clothes. You had to pose for the obligatory first day of school photo. And you actually cared enough to run a comb through your hair. It's a good feeling where everything feels fresh and new with a new batch of school supplies for the year - unsharpened pencils, notebooks that you haven't filled with scribbles, and binders that haven't hit the frustrating stage where the rings won't fully close But being married to a school teacher for so long, I've seen how not all families are able to obtain the required school supplies needed for the school year.

Here's where we all come in to make sure kids in the community have the supplies they need when school starts in the fall. It's time for the Stuff the Bus event at Southgate Mall - happening now through August 23.

You can definitely donate new school supplies.....but if it's been a minute since you've been a student and you're not exactly sure what brands and products are all the rage these days - you can also make a cash donation that will then be used to purchase supplies. You can make donations at the Clock Court inside Southgate Mall - and get details with Stuff the Bus HERE.


I can't believe we're already talking about the upcoming school year. I haven't really thought about how fast the summer goes by since I was in school. But now that I'm old and crusty with a daughter going into first grade - I'm right back to counting down the days left in summer break again. And if you missed it, some parents aren't exactly loving the new hours that Missoula County Public Schools introduced for the upcoming school year. You can see more about that HERE.

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