As your typical guy who wants to remain a boy, I still hold a real fascination for dinosaurs. And while this doesn't go back anywhere near your stereotypical raptosaurus or whatever, it's still a pretty interesting artifact. The Associated Press tells us that a charity in Michigan that collects donated clothing, shoes and other items for low income residents got quite a surprise in one of the donated boxes: A mastodon tusk! The charity turned it over to a Grand Rapids museum, which will add it to its collection. I would think maybe it would have some value that would go a long way for a charitable organization. Perhaps the museum will send a few bucks their way. What got me looking at this is that I heard there's a Jurassic Park 4 in the works? Anybody else heard that? And while it will never measure up to the original, it HAS to be better than JP 3...doesn't it? DB