It seems like to me that cheating is becoming more common, and almost acceptable. That's not the case. A new survey was done by Avo and it reveals that 20% of men and 13% of women have cheated on their partner. As a guy, those numbers are horrible. I can only speak for myself but when I took those wedding vows, it was forever. Not until I saw a cute girl walk by.

Other statistics during the same survey show that depending on where you are in the US you could have a higher risk of being cheated on.

- 20% of West Coast Americans have cheated

- 10% of Midwesterners have cheated

- 16% of Northeast Americans have cheated

- 20% of Southerners have cheated


What I found the most incredible was this statistic:

- 95% of people are satisfied in their relationship

Photo courtesy of Martin Novak/Thinkstock
Photo courtesy of Martin Novak/Thinkstock

All I can see after seeing these stats are remember, karma. Also, it's much easier to break things off with your spouse than to treat them with such disrespect and cheat on them.