If the pandemic still has you feeling a bit uneasy when it comes to frequenting public places like the mall, this could be a handy service to assist in your shopping experience. Southgate Mall has introduced Retail To-Go, a curbside pickup program where you make purchases online, through the app, or over the phone, before picking up your order without having to leave your vehicle once you arrive.

I've been to the mall a few times since the mask mandate went into effect. I haven't felt like it's been too crowded and everyone has been pretty good about social distancing. But the option to make a purchase and pick it up without having to interact with any sort of crowd will be appreciated by many.

The following details of the new curbside pickup program are from the Southgate Mall's website:

We are excited to announce that Southgate Mall is launching Retail To-Go, a new curbside pickup program, as a way to safely welcome back shoppers to the town center.  Starting July 20 shoppers can make purchases directly with participating retailers via phone, online or app, and pick up their purchases at Southgate Mall. Participation may vary by individual retailer. Availability, pricing, terms of the sale, and other factors, are all determined by the retailer.

How It Works

We have made it easier than ever to take advantage of Retail To-Go with curbside pickup. Upon arriving at the center, new signage will direct shoppers to designated pickup zones and parking spots, located in front of H&M.

Guests can remain in their vehicles and follow the steps below:

  1. Guest places order via phone, online or app, and chooses to pick up at the shopping center
  2. Retailer provides the guest with the appropriate pickup zone information
  3. Guest is instructed to call the store once they’ve arrived, indicating their parking spot number
  4. Retailer brings merchandise to the customer’s vehicle
  5. That’s it!

Participating Retailers:

American Eagle
Phone: 406-549-6545

Available for in-store pickup or curbside
1. Place order via online or app.
2. Call the store when you have arrived at the Retail-To-Go pickup zone and give us the spot number you parked in.
3. Have your ID or order confirmation number ready for verification.

Phone: 406-542-7671
  1. Guest will place order online or app.
  2. If online, once we receive the order we will contact the Guest to determine the manner of pickup (in-store or curbside)
  3. If using the app, we will contact the Guest to initiate signing up for payment, then determine the manner of pick-up.
  4. If Guests are using curbside, we will let them know where the pick-up zone is and instruct them to call once they are in the lot.  
  5. We will bring the product to the Guest.  Our employees will be wearing masks and gloves at the pick-up zone.  
Skin Chic
Phone: 406-541-8466
*Orders are usually ready within 24 hours
  1. Guest places order over the phone, or online. For online orders, guest chooses ‘local pickup’.
  2. Follow the pickup instructions with your order:
  3. Go to the ‘Retail To-Go’ Pickup Zone outside H&M.
  4. Call us when you’ve arrived to pick up your order
  5. We will meet you at your car with your order.

Safety is Our Top Priority

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Retail To-Go will follow all CDC guidelines and Southgate Mall’s COVID-19 Code of Conduct. We appreciate the community’s support as we look forward to safely welcoming back shoppers.

Be sure to check with individual retailers in the mall for participation in the Retail To-Go program.


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