I'd like to think I have many other fine qualities that make up for getting zero artistic ability when it comes to drawing or painting. It's always been a weakness - I just can't draw worth beans. It's sad to see my kindergartener's drawings starting to catch up to mine when it comes to quality. I still have her beat, for the fact she's not even six yet, but it's closer than it should be. She'll be passing me up with her skills in no time.

What's my point? Just the fact that I'm pretty jealous of people that can create magic using nothing else but their hands, some paint, and natural talent. And one local artist is putting their talent on display for everyone to see with new mural project at Southgate Mall.

They say it's a new entrance on the west side of the mall. I'm thinkin it must be part of the construction that's taking place with the new Scheels store that will open in 2021 - but don't quote me on it. Check out the concept art for what the mural will look like - and see all the details from a Southgate Mall press release below.

Photo: Southgate Mall
Photo: Southgate Mall

Southgate Mall Works with Local Artist to Create Vibrant Exterior Art Mural

This extension of The Canvas Project will create a lasting, unique piece of art for years to come

Missoula, Montana (October 15, 2020) – Southgate Mall is working with a local artist to add color, texture and vibrancy to outdoor spaces for the community to enjoy as part of The Canvas Project. Southgate Mall has selected Missoula artist Ann Karp of Sideways Gaze Art & Sign for this installation.

Ann has been painting in Montana since 2009. She has painted murals for restaurants, non-profit organizations, private homes, and stores around the state. Inside Southgate Mall, visitors can enjoy several of Ann’s creations, including the “Missoula Strong” painting by Sunglass Hut.

Through the Canvas Project, local artists have a space to showcase their art within prominent areas of Washington Prime Group town centers across the country. While celebrating and supporting local artists is at the heart of The Canvas Project, it also provides an opportunity for the community to connect and grow together through art, emotion and imagination.

“Local artists make our community vibrant,” said Tim Winger, General Manager at Southgate Mall. “Their use of subjects, color, texture and composition awaken a sense of curiosity and connection to the world around us. The Canvas Project supports our local arts culture, while providing an opportunity for our community to grow together.”

Southgate Mall wanted this artwork to be highly visible to the community and guests. For that reason, the mural will enliven the exterior wall next to the new mall entrance that is currently under construction on the west side of the shopping center. Southgate Mall has worked closely with Ann Karp to create a plan for artwork that will inspire the community. The concept is inspired by the natural beauty of the Missoula valley. Painting has already begun, with the project expected to be completed over the coming weeks.

To learn more about The Canvas Project and monitor updates about this project, follow Southgate Mall on Facebook or Instagram.

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