USA Today Readers' Choice chose "The 10 Best National Park Lodges," earlier this month, and to no one's surprise, Montana was home to two of the top 10. Also to no one's surprise, Glacier National Park houses both lodges on the list.

No. 10: Glacier Park Lodge - Glacier National Park

Glacier Park Lodge is located in East Glacier Park, Montana at 499 MT-49. USA Today's readers ranked it 10th overall due to its "massive three-story lobby with huge fir and cedar pillars." Google Reviews score it a 4.2/5 and Tripadvisor ranks it a 3.5/5. If you're like me, too frugal, watch this YouTube video of a tour of Glacier Park Lodge and call it good.

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No. 8: Many Glacier Hotel - Glacier National Park

If you're feeling adventurous, start your journey at Glacier Park Lodge in East Glacier, trek across the park and spend the next night at Many Glacier Hotel in Browning (1147 Rte. 3). Google Reviews score Many Glacier Hotel a touch higher at 4.6/5. Tripadvisor scores it a 4/5. USA Today's readers praise the "spectacular views of the natural beauty just outside the windows" no matter which room you stay in.

Other notable resorts:

No. 3: Old Faithful Inn (Yellowstone National Park)

Though we can't claim this one as our own since it's in the Wyoming portion of Yellowstone, it's just a five-hour drive from Missoula and under three hours from Bozeman.

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No. 2: Paradise Inn (Mount Ranier National Park)

Speaking of doable drives, Missoula to Paradise Inn is just under nine hours from Missoula.

No. 1: Jackson Lake Lodge (Grand Teton National Park)

The top-ranked National Park lodge resides in Grand Teton National Park. It's going to cost you a cool $349-$504 a night according to prices on Google.

I will stick to my cheap campsites instead.

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